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Amplifying the voices of girls

Together with girls and young women, Plan International has created a safe online space to discuss key gender issues. In closed Facebook groups moderated by full-time staff, girls are asking questions and discussing topics such as sexual health and rights, gender violence and self-confidence.

Girls Out Loud groups are private and for girls and young women only. Our moderators do rigorous vetting of new members before they are admitted, and they work hard to make sure that the groups remain safe spaces.

“It’s a place where we express our feelings and opinions, a place where we are not afraid of being judged. A place where we get support when we have problems.”

Girls Out Loud groups help build confidence to speak up outside the group. The members inspire each other to challenge the views of family members, friends, teachers and even religious leaders.

And through Girls Out Loud, Plan International can listen to what matters to girls. What issues are most important? How do girls feel about the situation in their communities? What do they think should be done to bring about the right change?

This platform is one of the places where we work to amplify girls’ voices.

Collaborate with us!

Are you interested in getting girls and young womens’ perspective on an issue? Want to crowdsource ideas from young people? Or do you want to sponsor the project?

We have collaborated with lots of different organisations and people, from tech companies to artists and governments. If you have an idea for a collaboration, we would love to hear from you!

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safe and honest online research

Girls Out Loud gives us a unique opportunity to understand what matters to girls and young women, right now. But opinions are are also personal, and we don’t take our reponsibility to keep our members safe lightly.

Online safety is an important part of Girls Out Loud. We talk about how to set your profile settings to private, block users, or report upsetting content. We also talk about how to keep your account details safe when you use a shared device. Many group members tell us that this is the first time they’ve heard of online safety and privacy.

Social media platforms are not very good at explaining how they use the data they collect. We strive to be open and honest with how we use the information in the group for this website. We explain it in a youth-friendly way, and make it clear that it’s up to the girls themselves to decide whether to take part or not. And we never expect consent to be given in perpetuity.

Have a look at our infographics for more information. If you have any questions about our safeguarding policy and guidelines, or how we use the data we collect from our groups, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Olga Acosta

Program Lead

Computer Systems Engineer with a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a specialization in Information Technology Management. Working in Plan International since 2016, passionate about the innovation processes and new challenges to advance children's rights and equality for girls.

Jennifer Delgado

Program Manager

Lawyer and internationalist, an advocate of human rights working for equality for girls. She has experience working in communities with girls, boys and young people, leading innovation projects across different geographies, and working with multicultural teams.

Yennifer Rodriguez

Lead Moderator

Sociologist with a Master degree in Latin American Cultural Studies. Since 2017, she has been working with Plan Internacional Colombia. She is passionate about working with girls, teenagers and women, listening to them and getting to know their realities from their own voices.

Felipe Ruiz

Program Cordinator

Social Communicator, a specialist in International Cooperation and development projects. Passionate about the exercise of human rights, especially of the most vulnerable populations, innovation and LGBTIQ+ rights.

Meet the local team


Régina AHO


My name is Régina AHO, moderator since February 2021 of the Girls Out Loud project at Plan International Benin. I have a professional bachelor's degree in sociology anthropology, I was previously a young girl influencer on the global campaign "Aux Filles, L’Égalité". Activist committed since 2015 to defending the rights of adolescent girls and young people in matters of sexuality, I implement social mobilization and advocacy actions to bring the voice of girls to improve their social conditions in Benin and Africa. My determination and my commitment to work earned me the position of Regional Treasurer in the Youth Action Movement of Benin from 2017 to 2020. I then coordinated the influencing activities of the network of youth organizations in Plan International Benin from March 2020 to February 2021. For me, GOL is a secure space for continuous learning and experience sharing suitable for young girls. It is a space that strengthens solidarity between members and allows them to fully enjoy their rights. It is also a space for awakening awareness and strengthening knowledge and skills.

Fagnon Zinsou Paul


J’ai une de formation de base en Assistance Sociale à l’Université d’Abomey Calavy, Bénin, puis une Maitrise en Sociologie Anthropologie. Titulaire d’un Doctorat en Sciences de Gestion (Ecole Supérieure Robert de Sorbon). J’ai commencé ma collaboration avec l’ONG Plan International Bénin en tant que Conseiller en droits et protection des enfants, position occupée pendant plus de 6 ans.

Par la suite, J’ai pris la poste de Directeur respectivement dans les Bureaux de Plan Bénin de l’Atacora (Natitingou) et le Couffo (Azovè), avant de rejoindre le Bureau Régional Afrique de l’Ouest et du Centre de Plan International (Bureau basé à Dakar, Sénégal) en occupant la position de Conseiller Régional aux droits et à la protection des enfants.

Je travaille présentement avec Plan International Bénin en tant que Directeur des Programmes (depuis Décembre 2016).  

Burkina Faso

Corine Gokouzou


My name is Corine Gokouzou Idani, I studied legal and political science at the University of Ouaga 2 Tomas Sankara. I have worked in the field of human rights since 2016, because I am a member of a young Burundian association called the Human Rights Information and Training Center in Africa. I am currently working for PLAN International Burkina Faso as Project Director; I am also the moderator of the YATPUGNET Burkina group. What I like is helping vulnerable people (girls and teenagers) and knowing that they are safe makes me feel safe and happy.

Kobo Maurice


Kobo Maurice OUEDRAOGO est le Conseiller National en charge du Programme Promotion Economique des Jeunes et des Femmes, et responsable du Partenariat de Plan International Burkina Faso.

Guinea Conakry

Fatoumata BARRY


Fatoumata BARRY, passionate about cooking and travel, I chose to study Tourism and Hospitality at Kofi Annan University in Guinea. Since 2016, I have been advocating for the rights of children, especially girls. It is a struggle that I regard as a duty. I am currently an assistant to the Young Committed Equality for Girls Project. It is a job I do with ease, because contact with children generates a lot of love for me and I feel useful to my community.

For me, Girls Out Loud comes at the right time to complete my career and it allows me to be a champion for girls' rights.

Djenabou YOULA


Démographe de Profession, travaille à Plan International Guinée et occupe le poste de Coordinatrice Girls Get Equal. J’ai été Directrice de la Zone d’Influence et d’Impact au Littoral, Directrice de l’Unité Programme de Plan International à Gueckedou, Conseillère en Sécurité Economique des Ménages. Point focal GOL, j’appuie les Moderators dans la mise en œuvre des activités. Je suis animée de travailler avec les enfants en général et les jeunes filles y compris celles porteuses de handicap en particulier pour leurs scolarisations et leurs autonomisations pouvant améliorer leurs conditions de vie.

Guinea Bissau

Lizidória Mendes


My name is Lizidória Mendes, I am 23 years old and I am a student of Portuguese Language at the Higher School of Education. I have been a collaborator of the Guinea-Bissau PLAN International for three years now, in addition to my collaboration as moderator of Girls Out Loud (NHA FALA). I am a writer and will soon be launching my first book. I have a Facebook page where I publish my literary texts covering gender and other issues affecting my society. I am a Blog4Dev2020 winner, a World Bank contest on strategies to end child marriage in Africa. My passion for social justice keeps me constantly inspired to work every day for and with girls.

Gilberto Gomes


My name is Gilberto Gomes, I enjoy meeting new people and finding ways to help them. I consider myself a ‘student forever’, eager to build my foundations in Data Analysis and Digital transformation and also to stay in tune with latest technology advances. I've been at PLAN-International for several years in the capacity of information Technology manager. I am diligent and I love working with young people to involve them and teach them how to use technology as a means for development.


Oumou Mbaye


My name is Oumou Mbaye, I am the GOL moderator or Kaddu jigeen. I am a lawyer by profession and have a master's degree in International Law. I am the focal point for youth participation at the Office level. I facilitate the work of youth organizations and Plan Senegal’s Youth Panel.

I have always been passionate about issues affecting women and children, so I am an activist in several civil society organizations and joined PLAN International, which wants to position itself as a leading NGO in the field of equality for girls and the advocacy for the rights of the most vulnerable children.

Sierra Leone

Hawa Yokie


I am Hawa Yokie. Currently studying at the Fourah Bay College. I focus on gender equality through three key areas; women’s contribution to environment conservation and climate change, and STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics). I have been working with Plan International Sierra Leone for the past five years as a Youth Advisory Member and the lead for Innovation center and the moderate for GOL Sierra Leone. My passion of creating a difference and helping people has enable me to work with women and girls in my country. I enjoy reading by the sea and love watching soccer which is my favorite sports. I enjoyed listening to Ted Talks and podcast that are lead my women from different careers. I am a member of the Generation Equality Youth Task Force and the founder of Gnene Technology Studio.


Kathy Honculada


Hello! My name is Kathy Honculada. I have a bachelor’s degree in Asian Studies and I’m currently taking my master’s degree in Anthropology at the University of the Philippines. I work at PLAN International Philippines as its Girls Get Equal Campaign Youth Coordinator and as the moderator of the Girls Out Loud Philippines. I love teaching and working with children and youth, as well advocating for gender justice in my country. I have years of experience in the field of Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (CBDRRM), and in campaigning for climate justice. I also volunteer at a non-profit organization called The Storytelling Project, which aims to spark inspiration and imagination among children and make reading an enjoyable experience for them. Lastly, I have been selected as one of the participants for the pilot batch of Project Urduja: Empowering Emerging Filipina Leaders, which is a mentoring program about leadership rooted in gender equality and social justice that is being sponsored by the United States Department of State through the Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund.


Tin Tin Oo


My name is Tin Tin Oo and I am graduated with Bachelor of Arts in English from Sittwe University, Rakhine State, Myanmar and I continued my further studies, specialization with Master of Arts in Community Development (MACD) in BARS, Liberal Arts Program, Myanmar Institute of Theologies (MIT) Yangon. I have been working with PLAN International Myanmar for exactly almost 5 months since August 4th 2020. I used to work with my previous organization as a Gender Focal for about two years. I am really keen to work for achieving the gender equality, youth and women empowerment programs. So, I enjoy a lot working as a moderator for this Girls Out loud Myanmar in my country. And then, I have strong desire to help the people’s behavior changes process and love to work for the vulnerable groups. Besides, I love to take the volunteer roles for any kinds of community development works especially youth’s leadership.


Shreejana Bajracharya


I am Shreejana Bajracharya. I am a feminist and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Right activist. I am working at PLAN International Nepal as Campaign Specialist and lead Girls Get Equal campaign. I am also the moderator of the group Girls Out Loud Nepal. I believe in young girls' leadership and they are experts in their own fields. Girls Out Loud Nepal is bringing girls in virtual space that provides a platform to share learn and unlearn issues that affect the lives of girls and enable them to exercise their rights. This platform has brought girls with diverse background and provided opportunity to exercise girl’s equal right for freedom online. It provides a safe space for girls to discuss their life experience and exchange thoughts among the members. The platform has initiated a discussion around gender equality and supporting Plan International to achieve its goal “Girls and young women, in all of their diversity reach their full potential as equal and active citizens”

Timor Leste



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Karol Zambrano


I am Karol Ivonne Zambrano Corredor, I am a Sociologist of Universidad Nacional de Colombia and a student of Action without Harm and Peace building program at the same institution. I have been working for 1 year in PLAN International Colombia as a specialized professional and I am one of the moderators of the PARTICECHA Colombia group. With my daily work within the group I seek to build, together with the girls, a space of sorority and empathy working in processes that seek equal rights for girls and young women.


Reyna Victoria Chó Tux


I am Reyna Chó, with a bachelor’s degree in Social Work with emphasis on Development Management. I have been working in PLAN International as field facilitator for five years, was part of the Gender network in Plan Guatemala and I am the moderator of the Particecha Guatemala group.

During the time I have been working with young women I have learned get inspired by them, to dream together with them about their development. I believe that they can do all they set their minds to if they believe in their potential. Feminism is my guide and I want to continue working to add to their lives wherever they are. When I receive messages asking or thanking me for advice and I see how valuable my words are, I feel that my being is filled with energy again and that I am in the perfect place.


Alba Tottil


My name is Alba Tottil, moderator of the Girls Out Loud Paraguay Facebook group, I am a psychologist and have been working with PLAN International Paraguay since September 2020. Feminist and Humans Rights Activist. I like to work with the girls of the project because I grow with them as a professional when we overcome challenges together. I have always been interested in working with children and even more in the equality of rights for girls, boys, women and men.

I firmly believe on providing opportunities to people who show their capabilities and I feel that through this work I contribute to the development and empowering of girls and women in the rural areas of the country.

Shirley Ayala Guimaraes


Coordinadora Nacional del ámbito Liderar de Plan Paraguay, formación profesional en Trabajo Social con experiencia en elaboración e incidencia de políticas públicas. Especialización en temáticas de inclusión, juventud, derechos humanos, prevención de violencias y desarrollo social. Doce años trabajando en organizaciones privadas en la transversalización del enfoque de inclusión y género. ¡Vegetariana, ambientalista y feminista!


Omayra Chauca Gonzales


My name is Omayra Chauca Gonzales, consultant for PLAN International - Perú, promoter of Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Feminist Psychologist from UNFV with a clinical specialty, but with community work and self-taught studies in Social Psychology. Thesis student of the Master's Degree in Gender and Development at the UNMSM, and the Certificate Program in Change Management and Territorial Development, collectively creating the circles of psychological support for survivors of violence and the Forum: Women and Neighborhood.

I have worked/contributed to gender violence issues, from a community and territorial perspective, preventing girls, boys and women nationally and at private institutions. From an intercultural and intersectorial vision. Researcher on gender issues, interculturality and mental health from a territorial, political, social, feminist and colonial approach, it has allowed her to present exhibitions nationally and in Chile, Ecuador, Brazil and Uruguay. Currently she promoted a Popular Care space, itinerant support folder, where I propose to build care from a territorial, de-colonial and feminist perspective; for women and diversities in Comas – La Balanza and Lomas de Carabayllo. During the pandemic I carried out virtual workshops for psychosocial support regarding the pandemic and gender-based violence prevention. Las but not least important, I am from Lima (Comeña), daughter of Andean migrants, proudly to be Chola, I like to travel and learn new things. I now use virtual technology to prevent gender-based violence and do qualitative/quantitative political analysis.

Dominican Republic

Gabriela Rodríguez


My name is Gabriela Rodriguez, I am a psychology graduate from the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC). I am a feminist activist and I fight for the sexual and reproductive rights of girls and women in our country. I came to work for PLAN International Dominican Republic as moderator of the group “Klk Piensan,” and I currently coordinate another Project. I love sharing with the girls, reading to them, seeing their ideas and learning from them.