3 March, 2021


Jaquelin is 15 years old and is currently finishing her elementary school studies. She is originally from the Chicojl community of San Pedro Carchá and a very young age has shown leadership in speaking out and expressing her thoughts and speaking up for other girls.
17 February, 2021

Great March

In 2019, a Great March was organized to denounce violence and rape against girls. The event brought together more than 1000 actors and the media. A memorandum was handed over to the Prefect.
14 February, 2021

Jenny (Peru) Plan International, #ConectadasYSeguras

Jenny, a 16-year-old adolescent from Cusco, Chumbivilcas is part of #ConectadasYSeguras campaign, in order to promote, during the Day of the Girl and the #TomaDePoder campaign, […]
14 February, 2021

Nayely (Peru) Plan International, #ConectadasYSeguras

Nayely, a 15-year-old adolescent, is part of #ConectadasYSeguras campaign, in order to promote, during the Day of the Girl and the #TomaDePoder campaign, I take power […]
14 February, 2021

Miriana (Peru) Plan International, #ConectadasYSeguras

Miriana, a 16-year-old adolescent, lives in Loreto and has been part of #ConectadasYSeguras
14 February, 2021

Jimena, adolescent, 14 years old from Lima – Perú

Jimena is a 14-year-old adolescent who lives in Lima and has been part of PLAN International – Peru #YoExijoLoNormal, a campaignthat demands a protocol of care […]
10 February, 2021

I thought I was my parents’ only child

I thought I was my parents’ only child. I always wanted siblings.
9 February, 2021


Two years ago, she joined the group Niñas Voceras of PLAN International and together with other girls participating in different activities in their municipality have promoted the rights of girls and adolescents in social problems like teenage pregnancy and gender based violence.
4 February, 2021

Ana Yireth – Fatal Asthma

He was there, crying, alone in his bed dampened by his tears. He didn’t know why he was so heartbroken.
4 February, 2021


Edith is a 21-year-old young lady who lives in Kaya, in the Central-North region of Burkina Faso, and who does slam using the issue of violence […]
4 February, 2021


Helwise, 20, from Panouignan, Benin, organized, together with other young people, a training so that students in her village can become familiar with digital technology.
4 February, 2021


Aïchatou, 21, lives in Glo-Djigbé, Benin, and coordinates a project to make washable and reusable sanitary towels.
4 February, 2021


Mariamar, 21, is a sexual and reproductive rights activist and lives in Abomey-Calavi, Benin.
3 February, 2021


Lamaran is a 19 year old who lives in Freetown and has started a community outreach programs in communities that are deprived.
3 February, 2021


Kadiatu is a 20- year old who lives in Pejehun district in Sierra Leone