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Girls Out Loud Senegal is a space on Facebook for exchange and sharing that brings together girls between 13 and 24 years old, where we discuss issues that affect our lives. We can denounce the violence we witness or are victims of. Every month we organise a debate on Zoom with the girls, and we often launch challenges to better engage girls, especially within our communities and schools.

The name of the group in Senegal is Kaddu Jigeen, which means the voice of women.

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28 December, 2021
I refused to be vaccinated because of disinformation online

I refused to be vaccinated because of disinformation online

Globally, we’re living through massive digital change. The spread of false information online is an issue of our times. Plan International spoke to 26,000 girls and young women across 26 countries about their exposure to false information online: Nine in 10 told us it has negatively impacted their lives. Here 20-year-old Aissatou explains the impact that misinformation online has had on her life.
17 February, 2021

Great March

In 2019, a Great March was organized to denounce violence and rape against girls. The event brought together more than 1000 actors and the media. A memorandum was handed over to the Prefect.

What we’re talking about right now

where do girls feel free to speak about gender issues?

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