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WE ARE Guinèdime Sembé

Guinèdime Sembé is a digital and safe Facebook group in which the forum is open to anyone who wants to express themselves on all topics without restrictions or taboos. Guinèdime Sembé is a word from the dialect of Maritime Guinea that means "The Power of the Girl". The girls come from associations and other bases in the administrative regions of the country.

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16 November, 2021

Hadja: “We are not safe online”

The spread of false information online affects all of us, but for girls in particular, the impact can be devastating. Girls and young women are disadvantaged in all aspects of their lives by gender inequality, and the spread of lies and false information online only reinforces inequalities and deepens the gender divide.
15 November, 2021

Mathilde: I was nearly caught out by an online scam

23-year-old Mathilde lives in a small town in Boulgou Province, south-eastern Burkina Faso. The Internet and social media plays a big roles in her life and she spends a lot of time online. “I’m online almost all the time, because for me social networks are a big market for professional and relationship opportunities,” she explains.
13 November, 2021

Girls Out Loud takes over the Internet

In the framework of the International Day of the Girl Child, the global project Girls Out Loud held a conversation: GOL GLOBAL TALK via Zoom with the participation of girls from 12 countries.

What we’re talking about right now

where do girls feel free to speak about gender issues?

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According to a young woman, the group represents “a temple of exchange of experiences, of mutual support for the threats that women face overnight, a new source of experience for all girls and women.

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