27 April, 2022

Case Study: Pushpa; Transformation starts from Self!

19-year-old, Pushpa is an active girl from Sunsari district selected as the Champions of Change (CoC) facilitator since a year. She was very interested to be an activist since her school days. Today she has been involved in activism in her local community on Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) issues. She shares that, her personal experience to face the lack of access to proper SRH information made her more alert and be involved in advocating about these issues to her local community.
16 February, 2022

Anuja: Cherishing Peace through Activism

Anuja, currently the Advisor of the Local Child Network of Makwanpur has been balancing her studies and her social advocacy. Inspired by the other advocates and activists visiting her schools and giving information and conducting awareness on gender issues, women issues, and other social issues existing in her society, Anuja also thrived to achieve a change and address the social issues hindering the development of her community
12 January, 2022

Girls Out Loud Nepal group

The Girls Out Loud Nepal group bombarded with the posts and comments in November 2021. It was related to the TikToK videos of Nikisha Shrestha that went viral. In the video, a person deliberately harassed Nikisha, saying derogatory words. The dancer and video content creator Nikisha is often criticized and loathed on the internet. People on the internet often shame her with homophobic and transphobic comments on her content
21 July, 2021

Say No To Child Marriage

Knows the story of Niru, a young woman from Nepal who fights against child marriage due to the bad experience that this brought in her life
7 July, 2021

Empowering girls to end violence against them

Swastika is an 18-year-old girl, an active participant in the Girls Out Loud program in Nepal, who through her work in reporting seeks to end gender violence
6 July, 2021


Case study regarding how Girls Out Loud Nepal is supporting young girls to be aware of online safety and security.
6 July, 2021

Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Campaiger- Ojaswi

Ojaswi, a 21-year-old girl from Nepal, an active participant in Girls Out Loud, leads a campaign focused on the hygiene of menstrual health and teenage pregnancy.
25 January, 2021


I am Nelisha from Nepalgunj. I dream of a society where each and every child and girl lives a secure life and aims to bring positive change in the society.
25 January, 2021


I am Mandira, a medical student and also a health, women and child rights activist
16 December, 2020

Swastika – Where is the freedom

Swatika is a 19 year old girl who lives in Sindhuli and anti-child marriage campaigner. She is an active member of Girls Out Loud Nepal.