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Girls Out Loud are safe and private social media groups, where girls and young women can discuss issues they face because of their gender. We value sorority, support and friendship. And we make sure that everyones’ opinion is respected and listen to.

Girls Out Loud is supported by Plan International. This platform exists to amplify the voices of girls and young women around the world.

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12 January, 2022

Hadja: “We are not safe online”

The spread of false information online affects all of us, but for girls in particular, the impact can be devastating. Girls and young women are disadvantaged in all aspects of their lives by gender inequality, and the spread of lies and false information online only reinforces inequalities and deepens the gender divide
12 January, 2022

Girls Out Loud Nepal group

The Girls Out Loud Nepal group bombarded with the posts and comments in November 2021. It was related to the TikToK videos of Nikisha Shrestha that went viral. In the video, a person deliberately harassed Nikisha, saying derogatory words. The dancer and video content creator Nikisha is often criticized and loathed on the internet. People on the internet often shame her with homophobic and transphobic comments on her content
12 January, 2022

Mélissa: False information online damaged my health

The spread of false information online affects all of us. But for girls, the impact can have harmful consequences. When 16-year-old Mélissa saw a post on Facebook that said girls should wash their private parts with soap for better hygiene, she decided to follow the advice. But the information was wrong and Mélissa ended up with an infection.

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